GHRC Launches a Blog!

Hey there GHRC supporters, followers and fellow activists,

In anticipation of the launch of our new website, the Guatemala Human Rights Commission would like to officially welcome you to our new blog!  The purpose of this space is to share news updates, staff and intern articles, videos, pictures, event coverage, and any other GHRC-related content we would like to share with our community.  We welcome your open comments, feedback, questions, and contributions to this communal space.

If you are new to the Guatemala Human Rights Commission, welcome and thank you for your interest in human rights in Guatemala! GHRC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, humanitarian organization that monitors, documents, and reports on the human rights situation in Guatemala, advocates for survivors of human rights abuses in Guatemala, and works toward positive, systemic change.  We focus on a number of program areas including immigration, violence against women, human rights defenders and support for asylum cases.  Based out of Washington, DC, with an office in Guatemala City, we work to raise awareness in both the U.S and Guatemala and maintain close contact and solidarity with many organizations in Guatemala. Learn more about us on our website:

Through the creation of [Title of Blog], we are looking forward to expanding the scope of our advocacy and awareness into a new ‘blogosphere’ of support.  Building awareness and sharing information is some of the most important work that we do, as it empowers people into action and generates productive dialogue.  We hope this blog will serve as a way for our supporters to keep apace with the ever-changing landscape of human rights in Guatemala and stay up-to-date on the latest news from GHRC.

As always, thank you for your support and solidarity!




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