GHRC to Brief Congress: Invite your Representative

Contact your Representative and ask to them to attend GHRC’s Congressional Briefing: Threats to Justice and a Return to Military Rule in Guatemala

 As Guatemala’s President, a general linked to genocide, comes to the end of his first month in office, the U.S. Congress is opening the door to lift the decades-old ban on U.S. funding to the Guatemalan army. President Pérez Molina has already sent the military to patrol Guatemala’s streets, and has appointed numerous military officials to top cabinet posts and key ministries.

Now is not the time to consider increased support and funding for the Guatemalan military!

To this end, GHRC is organizing a Congressional Briefing on Threats to Justice and the Return to Military Rule in Guatemala. Human Rights Lawyer, Jennifer Harbury will speak to members of Congress about threats to justice and updates in the case of her husband, Everardo Bámaca, who was captured, tortured and presumably executed by the Guatemalan military. She will be joined by Annie Bird co-Director of Rights Action and GHRC Director Kelsey Alford-Jones.

We need your help to tell members of Congress how important it is that they attend. Please contact your Representative today and ask them to attend Tuesday’s briefing!

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