GHRC accompanies Guatemalans as they mourn the death of truth

By dismantling Peace Archives Directorate, the entity designed to oversee and manage the entirety of documents pertaining to human rights violations committed during the internal armed conflict, Secretary Arenales Forno and President Pérez Molina extinguished an invaluable contribution to the preservation of historic memory and to the State´s obligations under the Peace Accords, at the same time obstructing efforts to investigate the military for egregious human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

Marco Tulio Alvarez, former Director of the Peace Archives Directorate reads out GHRC’s denouncement of the closure of the Archives in Guatemala

On June 29th, the day that the Peace Archives Directorate officially closed, a funeral was held mourning the death of the truth. As part of the activity, GHRC presented copies of the petition signed by supporters denouncing the closure. The petition was read, twice, to those gathered.

“Arenales Forno, Secretary of War”

Forno, the Secretary of Peace, was responsible for the decision to close the Peace Archives. He has also denied that there was genocide was committed in Guatemala.

“Genocide did happened”

“You don’t bury truth, you bury impunity”

Member of the union representing the employees of the Peace Archives Directorate who were fired.

1 thought on “GHRC accompanies Guatemalans as they mourn the death of truth

  1. Estoy seguro que no solo los trabajadores de la Dirección de los Archivos de la Paz de la SEPAZ estamos indignados por los actos cobardes de Arenales Forno, “Secretario de la Guerra”; también desde fuera de nuestras fronteras hay amigos y compañeros/as que también repudian estos actos. En el sindicato insistimos la lucha por que se reabra la Dirección de los Archivos de la Paz, tanto por la vía judicial como acciones internacionales.


    Daniel Vásquez

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