30 Ways to Support GHRC

In celebration of 30 years in solidarity with the people of Guatemala, GHRC presents 30 ways that that you can support our work.
1.) Buy tickets to our 30th Anniversary Dinner. Tickets are $50.00, which includes all food and beverages.
2.) Buy a raffle ticket for $25.00. You could win a $500 gift certificate on a participating airline, a case of Guatemalan coffee, or a beautifully embroidered Guatemalan table runner. We will have more prizes, which we’ll list on our website.
3.) Donate money to help low income participants attend our 30th Anniversary Dinner.
4.) Donate wine to the 30th Anniversary Dinner.
5.) Volunteer at the 30th Anniversary Dinner.
6.) Make a financial contribution to support our programs.
7.) Become a monthly donor to GHRC, whether it’s $10, $25, $50 or more!
8.) Attend GHRC events throughout the year such as presentations, benefit concerts and movie screenings.
9.) Volunteer at events sponsored by GHRC.
10.) Volunteer your time at the GHRC office, particularly during our mailings held throughout the year.
11.) Intern with GHRC during the Summer, Fall, or Spring.
12.) Provide professional services to GHRC, such as translations, web design, graphic design, etc.
13.) Join one of our delegations to Guatemala.
14.) Advertise our delegations, events, or Voiceless Speak funds within your social networks.
15.) Raise awareness about human rights – tell your friends, family, or coworkers.
16.) Hold a talk about human rights in Guatemala.
17.) Hold a fundraiser or start a giving circle to help support GHRC programs.
18.) Join our listserv.
19.) Like us on Facebook.
20.) Follow our blog.
21.) Link to our website.
22.) Forward our “Urgent Actions” to everyone you know.
23.) Follow us on Twitter.
25.) Buy books through GHRC.
26.) Ask your company to donate to GHRC.
27.) Donate airline miles to GHRC.
28.) Donate a life insurance policy to GHRC.
29.) Bequeath money to GHRC.
30.) If you are federal employee, contribute to GHRC through the Combined Federal Campaign. GHRC’s CFC # is 52672.
For more information on how to take any of these steps, email us at ghrc-usa@ghrc-usa.org. Thank you for all of your support!

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