News Update: September 21-27

Ex-police chief sentenced to 40 years

Hector Bol de la Cruz, chief of police from 1983-85, was convicted in the 1984 kidnapping and disappearance of student union leader Fernando Garcia. The court also sentenced former senior police officer Jorge Gomez to 40 years for his role in the kidnapping.

Former Kabil Standing Trial in U.S. for Lying on Citizenship Application

Federal prosecutors are accusing Jorge Sosa, a former Kabile, of lying on his citizenship application by concealing his involvement in the 1982 Dos Erres massacre that left over 200 people dead. Sosa, who is married to an American, was originally denied asylum in 1985. If convicted, Sosa could be stripped of his United States citizenship and face 15 years in prison. Guatemalan authorities will seek his extradition to charge him with crimes against humanity as well.

Guatemala to Rent Drones for Video Surveillance

The Interior Ministry announced that in 2014 it will rent a fleet of drones, for video surveillance. The Ministry stated that the drones would be used in military and security capacities. They will permit the government to, among other things, monitor drug trafficking along the country’s borders, criminals and criminal activities, and protests.

Pérez Molina Continues to Support Lifting of Military Ban

President Otto Pérez Molina has instructed his new Ambassador to the United States, Julio Ligorría, to make the lifting of the United States’ military arms restrictions a priority. President Pérez Molina finds the restrictions “out of context,” and believes that lifting them would be an acknowledgment of the changes that have occurred in the country since President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) signed them into law.

Pérez Molina Praises U.S. Steps to Decriminalize Drugs

President Otto Pérez Molina praised Colorado and Washington yesterday for legalizing marijuana, noting that the United States Federal Government took an “important step” by not opposing the move. He would like to see the government “go further,” and believes that the United States should join the international debate on drugs. President Pérez Molina will focus his address to the United Nations General Assembly on new policies to combat drug trafficking.

Marlin Mine brings in high profits

During the first half of this year, the Marlin Mine in San Marcos brought in $229 million in profits, marking the highest returns yet to shareholders. Goldcorp gives 4.25% of this revenue to Guatemala through royalties. The cost of gold mining in San Marcos remains the lowest of the 11 companies of which Goldcorp owns or has interests in the continent.


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