President Pérez Molina Will Extend Mandate of CICIG in Guatemala

GHRC applauds today’s decision by President Otto Pérez Molina to extend the mandate of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). The CICIG is a UN-backed entity tasked with helping state institutions investigate and disband organized criminal structures, and has played an absolutely vital role in fighting corruption, strengthening institutional capacity, and promoting rule of law in Guatemala.

The CICIG’s mandate was set to expire in September 2015, and its extension has been under debate for the past several months. As President Pérez Molina suggested that he would not extend the mandate, Guatemalan and international organizations launched a campaign to support the CICIG and advocate for its continuation.

As part of this discussion, GHRC was asked to contribute to a featured Q&A in the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor on the role CICIG has played in Guatemala, and whether or not its mandate should be extended.

KAJ-InterAmericanDialogue-sm GHRC welcomes the extension of the mandate and looks forward to the continuation of the CICIG’s important work.

2 thoughts on “President Pérez Molina Will Extend Mandate of CICIG in Guatemala

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