Guatemala News: July 23-29

Seven Community Leaders Released After 14 Months in Prison

After 14 months in prison, seven indigenous community leaders from the Huehuetenango were set free by Justice Jazmín Barrios, who was president over the High Risk Court A. The ruling confirmed that the community leaders had faced false and exaggerated charges as a result of their community organizing in defense of Mayan Q´anjobal´ land and resources.

Byron Lima Murder in Guatemala: A ‘Crime of the State’?

Byron Lima in court. by Carlos Sebastián/NomadaIn the second of a series of columns on the murder of Byron Lima, the Guatemalan military official convicted of the high-profile 1998 murder of Bishop Gerardi, journalist Steven Dudley suggests that the Guatemalan state could be complicit in the crime.

Myrna Mack’s Daughter Appointed Guatemala Health Minister

Lucriana Hernandez Mack

Lucriana Hernandez Mack, a public servant and daughter of Myrna Mack, who was assassinated for her speaking out against human rights abuses during Guatemala’s internal armed conflict, was appointed this week as Guatemala’s Health Minister.

Guatemala’s Campesinos March Against State Corruption

On July 26th, 2016, a largely indigenous and campesino                                                           group marcheIndigenous and campesino protesters flood the streets in Guatemala city at the end of the 11-day March for Water on April 22, 2016.d through the capital city, just as protesters had a year before in the anti-corruption demonstrations that helped bring about the end of Perez Molina’s presidency. This week’s protests addressed corporate greed, government corruption, and the criminalization of Indigenous activists.      


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