Guatemala News: October 15 – October 21

Guatemalan Women Demand Respect for Rights, End to Femicides

On Wednesday October 19th, a group of women held a sit-in in the caProtesta de Ni una menos en Guatemalapital’s Constitution Plaza as part of the protest “Ni una menos”. Originating in Argentina in 2015, as the result of a young girl that was violated and killed the movement against gender-based violence has grown throughout the Latin American and Central American region. The demands stem from the thousands of murders of women that go unpunished, and the domestic violence complaints that are failed to be addressed. The demands in different Latin American countries demand institutions provide protection for women.

Migrants From The Northern Triangle Will Be Able To Work In Mexico For Up To 6 Months

There will be an opportunity for Northern Triangle workers to work in the agricultural and services sector in Mexico for up to 180 days, as part of a trial period to deal with the increased numbers of migrants hoping to head towards the United States. The National Employment Services say they will work to prevent violations of human rights and labor stakeholders. 

Government Initiatives Vary From Trivial To Funny

Some of the recent bills brought forwards by members of the legislature, which vary from trivial to funny, are highlighting the detachment of Congressmen from the national reality, say political scientists. Some of these bills include castration for sexual misconduct, the legalization of marijuana, and the inclusion of animals in the legislature to emphasize animal cruelty points.




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