Union Member Killed

On November 9, around 3:00 PM, Eliseo Villatoro Cardona, a member of the executive committee of the Organized Municipal Workers Union of Tequisate (SEMOT), in Escuintla, was assassinated in Zone 2 of Tequisate.  He was riding his motorcycle, headed home, when two pursuers, also on motorcycles, shot and wounded him.  Seeing that he continued to try to flee, in spite of his wounds, they killed him.

According to Cerigua, SEMOT had received threats and had been pressured by the municipality of Tequisate.  These measures of pressure violate the right to organize guaranteed under Guatemalan law and by the International Labor Organization (Convention 87). The municipality had reportedly stopped paying the salaries of the unionized workers some months earlier. Eliseo Villatoro Cardona is the third union member killed in Guatemala this year, according to the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights.


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