GHRC Turns 40 this Month. Please Donate to Support our Work!

Dear Readers,

Your support has allowed us to continue our work into our 40th year! We began work on September 20, 1982, at the height of the armed conflict in Guatemala, with the urgent task of informing policymakers and the US public about the atrocities being committed in Guatemala with our tax dollars and our government’s consent and assistance.

Our work remains urgent. During the first 2.5 years of Alejandro Giammattei’s administration, attacks on human rights defenders exceed the number carried out during the 4-year period of any other government since the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996. Guatemala’s most prominent journalist has been jailed, at least 11 prosecutors of high-level corruption have fled into exile this year, and at least 6 journalists are in exile. Attacks on indigenous leaders and communities have escalated, and civic space is rapidly closing.

While Giammattei’s government spends millions of dollars paying PR firms to allay concerns on Capitol Hill and ensure continued investment in Guatemala, we bring defenders who have directly experienced violence to speak with congressional representatives. Although conditions have changed since our founding, our work remains the same: providing a means for Guatemalans under attack be heard by those who can help change conditions in Guatemala.  

Our team in Guatemala accompanies defenders at risk, provides strategic legal advice, resettles defenders in imminent danger, conducts advocacy with local and federal officials, and works with other organizations to meet defenders’ emergency needs.

Guatemala is in a crisis like never before in peacetime. Guatemalans need our solidarity. Please join us in our efforts by making a donation here. With your help, we can meet the growing needs of those standing for truth and justice in Guatemala.


Thank you for your support for human rights in Guatemala!

In solidarity,

Veronica and Corie – GHRC Co-Directors  

P.S. We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary with an event in Washington in early November.  Please be on the lookout for your invitation to join us.  

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