Guatemala News: October 15 – October 21

Guatemalan Women Demand Respect for Rights, End to Femicides

On Wednesday October 19th, a group of women held a sit-in in the caProtesta de Ni una menos en Guatemalapital’s Constitution Plaza as part of the protest “Ni una menos”. Originating in Argentina in 2015, as the result of a young girl that was violated and killed the movement against gender-based violence has grown throughout the Latin American and Central American region. The demands stem from the thousands of murders of women that go unpunished, and the domestic violence complaints that are failed to be addressed. The demands in different Latin American countries demand institutions provide protection for women.

Migrants From The Northern Triangle Will Be Able To Work In Mexico For Up To 6 Months

There will be an opportunity for Northern Triangle workers to work in the agricultural and services sector in Mexico for up to 180 days, as part of a trial period to deal with the increased numbers of migrants hoping to head towards the United States. The National Employment Services say they will work to prevent violations of human rights and labor stakeholders. 

Government Initiatives Vary From Trivial To Funny

Some of the recent bills brought forwards by members of the legislature, which vary from trivial to funny, are highlighting the detachment of Congressmen from the national reality, say political scientists. Some of these bills include castration for sexual misconduct, the legalization of marijuana, and the inclusion of animals in the legislature to emphasize animal cruelty points.



Angelica Choc, Mayan Q’eqchi’ human rights defender suffers intimidation

As GHRC we manifest our concern before the intimidation that Angelica Choc suffered on
the night of September 16, when unknown persons shot at her house several times.

Via Rights Action: ¨Just after midnight, Friday September 16, 2016, shots were fired at the home of Angelica Choc, a Mayan Q’eqchi’ human rights leader and community defender in El Estor, department of Izabal, Guatemala, while she slept inside with her youngest son and an adopted daughter.¨

GHRC reaffirms solidarity and support for congresswoman Sandra Morán

We reaffirm our solidarity and support for congresswoman Sandra Morán before the attacks against her and we add our voice to the national and international statements that in recent days have been made.

We congratulate her on a lifelong trajectory of working in defense of the rights of women, from her leadership roles in civil society and now in Congress. She stood against misogynistic and defamatory attacks and was elected as the President of the Board of the Parliamentary Forum of Women.


Amnesty International Human Rights Defenders Report: “We are defending the land with our blood”

We share a video for the release of Amnesty International’s new report on Human Rights Defenders in #Guatemala and #Honduras titled “We Are Defending the Land With Our Blood’ Defenders of the Land, Territory and Environment in Honduras and Guatemala”. Download the report here:

Press Release Condeming Acts Againts Human Rights Defender Ramón Cadena

International Organizations Condemn Act of Intimidation Against Another Human Rights Defender Ramón Cadena in #‎Guatemala‬.
Ramón Cadena Press Release English

Organizaciones internacionales condenan acto intimidatorio contra Ramón Cadena, otro defensor de los derechos humanos en Guatemala.
Ramón Cadena Press Release English-page-001

Ramón Cadena Press Release English-page-002.jpg

Guatemala News: August 6 – August 12

US Deports Former Guatemalan Soldier Wanted in 1982 Massacre

On Wednesday, August 10th, Santos Lopez Alonzo was deported by the United States to Guatemala. Alonzo, a Guatemalan military official who served during the internal armed conflict, is wanted for his participation in the Dos Erres massacre of 1982 in which over 200 residents of Dos Erres were brutally murdered.

Illegal Arrest of Guatemala Indigenous Authority Sparks Outrage

Oscar Sanchez, an Indigenous authority from the town of San Pablo in the San Marcos department, was reportedly arrested without a warrant on August 4th on the charges of kidnapping and illicit association. Sanchez’s arrest follows a pattern of Indigenous rights activists facing trumped-up legal charges against them because of their work on behalf of their community and because they have also been vocal opponents of hydroelectric projects in the region.

Guatemalans’ Fight Against Rogue Canadian Mining Giant Heats Up

This week, California-based NGO the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA), and the Guatemalan Diocesan Committee in Defense of Nature (CODIDENA), provided the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with a report that provides evidence that the mining company Tahoe Resources had lied to investors. The report showed that the company had failed to acknowledge to investors that the company’s mining project in Guatemala had been continually opposed by Indigenous communities.