Review of Environmental Impact Study for El Tambor Mine Reveals Severe Shortcomings, Vindicates Concerns Raised by Local Communities

By Lydia Cocom

Lydia Cocom is a GHRC Summer 2014 Intern

Dr. Robert Moran, a respected water quality, geochemical, and hydro-ecological specialist, reviewed the Progreso VII Environmental Impact Study for the El Tambor mining project and found it full of misleading information, faulty or absent data, and concerning omissions and ambiguities. Dr. Moran was interviewed by journalist Carolina Gamazo from Plaza Pública and has also written a report summarizing his findings. He warns that the mining project will likely cause a decrease in the local water supply as well as the contamination of ground and surface water. His conclusions support the gravity of concerns raised by local leaders, as well as members of the resistance movement La Puya, regarding the serious environmental and public health impact that the mining project will have on their communities.

According to Dr. Moran’s report:

  • “The Progreso VII EIA is the worst quality EIA / EIS I have reviewed in more than 42 years of professional hydrogeology / geochemistry experience, involving hundreds of mines, worldwide.”
  • “[The study] would not be acceptable in developed countries, i.e. Canada, USA, EU, Australia, etc.”

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