Condenan a Erwin Sperinsen Por Ejecución Extrajudicial

English Summary:

On June 6, 2014, Erwin Sperinsen was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a prisoner and assisted murder of six others at Pavón prison in 2006. Sperinsen, who has dual citizenship, was tried as a Swiss citizen in the Geneva Criminal Court by seven judges. Witnesses described how when Sperinsen was the Director of the National Civil Police, Oscar Berger and Eduardo Stein developed a criminal structure to execute inmates, among other illegal activities. The official name of the plan that resulted in the execution of the seven prisoners was the Peacock Plan. During the trial it was repeated that this was not an isolated incident, despite the insistence of the defense that all accused parties are innocent. Sperisen’s sentence is a step forward for justice in that it confirms that dual citizenship cannot be used as a form of impunity, it resulted in the conviction of Carlos Vielman, who is accused of organizing the criminal operations at Pavón, and it encourages Guatemala to investigate the accusations against persons identified by witnesses in Geneva. The Convergence for Human Rights reiterates how imperative it is for citizens to condemn those who justify social cleansing and murder. Continue reading