Guatemalans ‘Presente’ during the May Day march


“Without land, there is no life… Without farmers there is no food.”
CUC, member of Waqib’Kej and CLOC – Via Campesina

“The 12 communities of San Juan Sac[atepéquez] present in the struggle.”

Confederation of Union Unity of Guatemala: Work, Peace, Justice, Liberty.
Present in the struggle!

“We fight, we resist, and we will overcome.”
“Where there is little justice, being right is dangerous.”

Families from the marginalized neighborhoods of Guatemala City also participated in the march. “Yes to the legalization of our land, No more land evictions!”

“Youth of S.V.A. S. Present” [Union of Street Vendors of Coban]
“We demand the right to work and no more evictions!”

A positive sign from this year’s May Day march: the massive participation of youth demanding their rights in energetic, creative, and even musical ways!

Hope for the future… the next generation of Guatemalan activists!

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